About me

Christine Burgartz was born in late spring in Neubrandenburg. Together with her family she had to move a lot from town to town caused by her parent’s work situation. That is why she learned to attune herself to new circumstances and new people already at an very early age. Her artistic talent and creativity were revealed already when she was a child. Together with her best friends she staged performances which then were shown only in private circles and watched by a small audience. Later on she engaged successfully in school theatre and cabaret. At that time like today Christine was fascinated by completely growing into the play and into the reality of stage.
After having graduated with a Masters degree in Foreign Languages she finally felt free to fully concentrate on acting and to attend the German – Polish Transform Acting School in Berlin.

In the film ´´White Cube“ (Dir. Lars Jordan) she played her first important role as the main character in the film.
Furthermore, Christine writes her own texts and radio plays. She not only directed her play ´´city child“ but also spoke the main character. She artistically likes to play around, however, acting will always remain her first passion.

Her greatest inspiration she finds on a daily basis in her 3 children. Their childlike and still ingenious play always reminds her of the fact that nothing is impossible and that it is of great importance to again and again leave one’s own comfort zone behind and to remain open to the play of life.